Forever Homely: Choosing the Peaceful Life in Scotland’s Residential Lodges & Park Homes

If you’re looking for a change of pace and a quieter life, Park Living in Scotland might just be the perfect choice for you at Riverview Country Park. All year residential lodges and park homes in Scotland are becoming increasingly popular, offering a unique lifestyle and an opportunity to live in a peaceful environment. In our latest blog post, we’re discussing the benefits of choosing park living in Scotland and why it could be the perfect forever homely solution for you if you are considering downsizing, making retirement plans or thinking about releasing capital and purchasing a park home or residential lodge to permanently live in without the overheads of a traditional house.

What are all-year residential park homes?

All-year residential park homes are a type of permanent housing that can be found in Scotland and other parts of the UK. These homes are designed to provide a comfortable and secure living environment for individuals, couples and families who want to enjoy the peaceful countryside or the benefits of community living.

Unlike traditional houses, all-year residential park homes are often smaller in size and more affordable, but extremely luxurious and well appointed, making them a popular choice for those wishing to downsize or retire with a simpler lifestyle.

All-year residential park homes can be found in many different styles and sizes, from traditional bungalows and cabins to modern, eco-friendly homes with state-of-the-art features. Park homes are typically located in purpose-built communities, with on-site amenities such as communal gardens for residents to enjoy and private parking areas. At Riverview Country Park, our residents can enjoy our 35-acre site where the air is clean and nature is abundant.

Whether you are retired, looking for a holiday home or simply want to enjoy a more peaceful way of life away from the chaos of city living, all-year residential park homes are an excellent option. They offer a range of benefits over traditional houses including:

  • Lower running costs
  • Easier maintenance
  • Offer a sense of community

So, if you are considering a move to the Scottish countryside on the Moray Coast or want to downsize your current home, contact us to explore the range of all-year residential park homes we currently have for sale.

Riverview Country Park Residential Park Homes

The benefits of living in an all-year residential park home

There are plenty of perks to choosing to live in an all-year residential park home in Scotland and creating your forever home near the beautiful town of Forres. Some of the benefits of park living in Scotland include:

1. Affordable living – Compared to traditional houses, all-year residential park homes offer more affordable living options. The initial cost of the home is generally lower, and ongoing expenses like utility bills are often less as well.

2. A peaceful lifestyle – All-year residential park homes offer a peaceful and quiet way of living. You get to enjoy the natural beauty of Scotland’s landscapes while living in a comfortable, low-maintenance home. Riverview Country Park is also an excellent base for exploring areas such as the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

3. Community living – If you enjoy the company of like-minded people, all-year residential park homes are a great choice. You’ll have access to various communal areas and activities, and you’ll be surrounded by people who share your values and interests.

4. Low maintenance – Unlike traditional houses, all-year residential park homes require minimal maintenance. You don’t have to worry about managing large gardens as communal areas are maintained to the highest standards allowing you the time to enjoy being surrounded by nature.

Park living in Scotland offers a comfortable, luxurious and peaceful way of life that’s both affordable and flexible. If you’re ready to enjoy all of these benefits and more, consider making an all-year residential park home your forever home.

All-year residential park home communities in Scotland

If you’re thinking of moving to an all-year residential park home in Scotland, why not consider arranging an appointment and visit Riverview Country Park to see our luxurious show homes.

Located on the stunning Moray Coast in Northern Scotland, Riverview Country Park is home to a community of residents living in park homes and residential lodges. With easy access to the historic town of Forres and nearby beaches including Findhorn, Riverview Country Park is an ideal spot for those who love outdoor activities and a quiet, peaceful lifestyle. Our park is also pet friendly, provides affordable luxury living, hassle-free and low maintenance.

Our team can provide further advice on the range of residential lodges currently available, and help advise you on deciding on a home that is suitable for your lifestyle and budget. You are also welcome to chat with current residents and park management and get a sense of the community here at Riverview Country Park.

For further enquiries, please contact us on 01309 672000 or email We look forward to hearing from you.

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